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Who We Are

Company History

The company began operations in 1974 in Austin, Texas as EZPAWN and Rentals.


EZCORP, Inc. (EZCORP) was formed as the parent company of EZPAWN and two years later the Company went public with its first stock offering, traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EZPW.


The company had grown to operate 234 pawnshops in nine states.


The company expanded its business to offer payday loan services in its EZPAWN locations.


The first stand-alone payday loan stores were opened and branded EZMONEY. EZMONEY quickly expanded business to 11 states.


EZCORP entered into international markets. EZPAWN opened 4 new stores along the Texas/Mexico border and acquired 20 stores in the interior of Mexico, which were branded Empeño Fácil.


EZCORP expanded to Canada, operating under the name CASHMAX. The company also acquired 30% interest in Cash Converters International in November of 2009.


EZCORP increased interest in Cash Converters International to 33%. The Company was also listed on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 2010.


EZCORP acquired the Cash Converters master franchise rights in Canada. For the second year in a row, EZCORP was named on Fortune Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies.


In 2012, EZCORP acquired a controlling interest in Grupo Finmart, a specialty consumer finance company headquartered in Mexico City and operating under the name “Crediamigo”; and TUYO, a company headquartered in Mexico City that owns and operates buy/sell stores in Mexico City and the surrounding metropolitan area.


Total revenues reach $1.01 billion.


In July 2015, EZCORP announced the Company’s focus on growing core pawn brokering operations in the U.S. and Mexico, while ceasing involvement with payday, autot title, and installment lending in the U.S., closing its U.S. Financial Services business.

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